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Although the rugged and formidable terrain of Alaska may intimidate some travelers, brave visitors will be rewarded with endless vistas, stunning mountain peaks and ethereal glaciers. The state's natural beauty is the foundation for many of Alaska's greatest attractions, from the famous Denali to the pristine coastline. Although Alaska's population is sparse, visitors can also find plenty do in the state's larger cities. In these cities, residents and tourists alike can attend frequent festivals, visit art museums and find other entertainment.

  • The "Iditarod" is known the world over. The 1,049 sled dog race traverses incredibly inhospitable terrain in places. Zero visibility and high winds do not stop the intrepid competitors. The route re-traces an old mail delivery route from Anchorage to Nome.

    March 5-23, 2016

    Where: Anchorage, Alaska (start) and Willow, Alaska (restart) in Anchorage

  • Alaskans are understandably excited to welcome Spring's arrival. Some do so on mountain skis, flying into open water in crazy costumes. The Spring Carnival celebrates that one last time out on the slopes. Don't miss the downhill snow-bike race.

    April 8-10, 2016

    Where: in Anchorage

  • Attendees love the price of admission to all the workshops, dances, and concerts -- zero! Performers range from those provided by school groups to world-class professionals. Both locals and out-of-state visitors share in the festivities.

    April 4-10, 2016

    Where: in Juneau

Top Things to Do in Alaska

Denali National Park and Preserve, located in Alaska's interior, surrounds North America's tallest peak, Denali. Thanks to the national park's bus system, visitors can see many popular highlights in the park, including the peak itself. Narrated tours allow travelers to learn more about the large park and its natural inhabitants, including grizzly bears, moose and caribou.

For those who want to explore another of Alaska's national parks, the Kenjai Fjords National Park is an excellent stop. From the town of Seward, visitors can take guided cruise tours of the national park to see an abundance of marine wildlife, from whales to puffins. Glacier Bay National Park, located near Juneau, features iceberg-filled bays and more than 15 glaciers. Visitors to the isolated park, which can only be accessed by boat or plane, can enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.

In Anchorage, Alaska's most populated city, visitors can learn more about the state's history at the Anchorage Museum. The museum's permanent exhibits include a gallery of Alaskan history and artwork from locals. Detailed dioramas help guests imagine the daily life of past Alaskan residents. History buffs can also visit the Museum of the North in Fairbanks for another extensive look at Alaska's history. In the “Gallery of Alaska” exhibit, visitors can examine gold nuggets, mammoth tusks and whale bones.

For a more personal look at Alaska's mining history, visitors can take a tour of the El Dorado Gold Mine. At the end of the informative tour, guests are invited to try their luck at panning for gold.

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