About Us

There isn't a big company behind WikiDo, just two guys and a mascot.


Niccolò Becchi the younger brother, nicknamed “RONCIA”:

A modest salsa and merengue dancer, but much better at writing scalable algorithms of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. A few years ago he missed out on a vespa meeting in a town near where he lives, and then the idea to create WikiDo suddenly struck him.
Since then he has spent three years at home, missing out on thousands of events in order to develop the WikiDo engine.


Giuseppe Becchi the eldest brother

A very slow triathlete and runner but great ex basketball player (as he says), play-maker of the local basketball team and an excellent front-end web programmer. Between a baby's feeding bottle and diapers has found the time to develop the whole interface and the database so as to configure the platform servers.


Sofia Becchi

Ciuster's baby is the mascot of the project and we have to apologize to her for having used up a lot of her time to correct our bugs on the code.

We are both passionate about Data Mining, Machine Learning and Web Programming and we felt the great need to create a platform that would allow anyone to know anything that is going on today in their own city.

If you are the director of an important company please do not clone our idea but invest in WikiDo to improve our platform. Besides all, we are spending all our old man's pension and he has been the only one who has financed us up until now. So any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

For graphic and logo design we thank our friend Aldo Visaggi, css expert manipulator equipped with a creative impulse, who Giuseppe casually met during a trip to Africa ...

Our Friends

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