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  • JRF 1.0 May 2021 | HIstory by Shiv Meena | Previous Year Questions
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    === Live Classes Schedule (Mon-Fri) from 22nd March 2021 ===
    JRF 1.0 May 2021 | Paper-1
    7:00 AM :- Aditi Sharma (ICT)
    7:30 AM :- Aditi Sharma (Maths & Reasoning)
    8:00 AM :- Pooja Verma (Research Aptitude)
    8:30 AM :- Shiv Meena (Research Aptitude)
    9:00 AM :- Kritika Pareek (Commmunication)
    9:30 AM :- Simranjit Kaur (Data Interpretation)
    10:00 AM :-Simranjit Kaur (Communication/DI)
    11:00 AM :- Neeraj Pareek (Environment)
    JRF 1.0 May 2021 | Paper-2
    01:00 PM :- Pooja Verma (Commerce)
    2:00 PM :- Kritika Pareek (Geography)
    4:00 PM :- Neeraj Pareek (Political Science)
    5:00 PM :- Simranjit Kaur (Economics)
    6:00 PM :- Aditi Sharma (Computer Science)
    7:00 PM :- Shiv Kumar Meena (History)
    8:00 PM :- Dr. Lokesh Bali (Hindi Literature)
    8:00 PM :- Neeraj Pareek (Political Science Free Practice Batch)
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