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  • Join our free Sound bath from the comfort of your home. This is a 40 min free event. Experience the healing power of sound and enter into a deep state of meditation. Please wear headphones for binaural audio and best sound quality.Give yourself an undistracted 40 mins to enjoy these relaxing sounds and switch off from the busy world.Like & Subscribe for weekly sound baths and meditations every Sunday at 2pm.Join our page for online and local events in the UK.Subscribe on our Youtube Page for livestreams and new videos : view the livestreams on our facebook offer 121 online and in person therapies including sound therapy, reiki and meditation coaching. We also take bookings for events in the UK and Worldwide.#gong_bath #sound_bath #alternative_healing #holistic_healing #meditation #sound_meditation #singing_bowl #therapy #relaxation #stress_free