06 October 13, WikiDo's logo is going faster than ever!

Today some attentive viewers could have seen WikiDo's logo going faster than ever on a Ferrari's mirror!
Houston-based Risi Competizione regained its winning form in spectacular fashion today, the No.62 Ferrari 458 Italia of Olivier Beretta and Matteo Malucelli obliterating the GT opposition at Virginia International Raceway in the penultimate round of the 2013 American Le Mans Series. Congratulations!

02 June 13, WikiDo in the Top 4 Events sites for the US!

WikiDo has been included in a selection of the Top 4 Events sites for the US!
It is with some giants as ZEvents, Eventful and a promising new entry as CultureMob:
What to do? Check an event site: There are plenty of good sites that provide one-stop shopping for local activities. With a little less than a month until summer, many people are making plans to go to concerts, festivals and local outside events...

01 June 13, WikiDo is one of the weekly web top favorites!!

WikiDo has been choosen as a Weekly Faves at, a true useful site that permits you to see a selection of the best sites available in the web.
All the sites are manually selected, and so the quality is really high. The visual platform presents a top ten for about 50 categories (Video, Maps, News, Weather, Social, Shopping, Travel, Bestsellers, Jobs, Real Estate and Get Tickets, etc...).
So we are really proud to have been published there!

25 May 13, What's going on tonight?

If you live in a major city, you know how difficult it can be to find events that interest you. Although your city's calendar may be packed with events...

18 March 2013, American Le Mans Series 2013, 12h of Sebring:
Look at the Mirror of Risi's Ferrari!!

(edited by Niccolò)
Some months ago I was thinking about printing the WikiDo's logo on my car. It is a 15 year old fiat Panda, and so It didn't appear to me as a great 'marketing' idea. But sometimes dreams come true..
So thanks to the gratitude of my family WikiDo is becoming one of the fastest website in the world, running on a really special GT Ferrari for the AMLS championship. If you stay focused you can see the WikiDo's face on the black mirrors of the Risi's Ferrari. The first race was finished with a second position in the legendary 12 hours of Sebring..
Good luck to all the team and Thanks Again from me and Giuseppe!!

05 Mar 13, Find out What’s Going on Tonight in my City with WikiDo (Only United States)

There are many web 2.0 apps to find out weekend events in your city. But I guess WikiDo is the first one to generate and display daily events happening around in your city, beautifully categorized including nightlife, food, social events and more. It is more of a social search engine that helps people to find out what to do tonight in my city. WikiDo collects information around United States and organizes perfectly based on cities and categories.

03 Mar 13, WikiDo

This week I learned about a new resource for social media on a social media blog. I read a post about a platform called WikiDo. What it does is allows you to create an event and people can search for local events they may want to attend. I really like learning about all the different types of social media and different platforms available. Most people only know about the really big ones like Twitter and Facebook, but its more interesting to branch out and use all resources. One of the best parts about WikiDo is that it is free to use and is ad free so people can use it easily and it grow. The platform is pretty new, and has only been around for around 4 months so it still has a lot of room for potential growth.

28 Feb 13, Find out What is Happening Around You

This is an era of activity and the youth today would never want to waste their time without getting involved in any kind of action. What’s going on in the city tonight is the most crucial question on a lazy day, and that has been answered by You always look for events in the city for the specific day but don’t really know where to find the list, so that you can make your pick. This problem is completely solved by the website where you just require entering the name of your city, and see the software making a list of events.

28 Feb 13, So Where’s The Party Tonight

I am currently living alone in PG and I obviously feel bored many a times. So, sometimes I ask upon some of my nearby friends to hang out on weekends. But as we have just shifted here, so we find it pretty much difficult to find the right place at the right moment. Of course, we can find a club on web but which club has the best crowd and if there is any better place for the night can only be known by an insider. For example, I love cooking and if I can get a cooking class, it will be the best choice for me. But I don’t know where to find that. Well, no more I guess! A new web has just been launched and I think that it caters the right problem and treats it very intelligently. Let’s take a look at what it can offer to this demanding crowd.

25 Feb 13, Pitch for Wikido, What’s happening today in your city!

What does it do? Wikido helps you to find events in any city in America. When you submit a search request to Wikido, it searches for events within your chosen city. It sorts your results into categories and tags them for your convenience.
Why do we need it? Because finding events can be a hassle, especially in a major city. There\’s so much going on that it can be hard to cut through everything that doesn\’t interest you. If you\’re visiting a city, you need Wikido even more.

17 Jan 13, WikiDo – Local Events Search Engine is a new search engine that first appeared in October. It helps people find local events throughout the United States. Like other wikis, it relies on users to add and edit some of the data. However, it also uses spider software to automatically collect information from other websites. It currently lists over 750,000 events. WikiDo shows today’s listings when a searcher enters the name of a city. For example, a search for “Boston, MA” returns 315 results. They include parties, classes, concerts and over 100 social events. Among other things, there is a pottery exhibition, an art sale and a Quicksand concert. WikiDo offers details on the time and location of every event.
Users can find things to do in small towns as well. A search for “Winthrop, ME” yields one local event and 163 listings within 100 miles. WikiDo shows the closest events first. The results include an employment workshop, a photography exhibition and a blood drive. There is also a skating event for the kids and family...

16 Jan 13, Our Hilarious Interview With WikiDo's guys:“Our Grandfather Sold A Pig To Buy Our First Commodore 64″

Niccolò and Giuseppe Becchi are just your average entrepreneurs, growing up on a farm in Tuscany and raising animals to sell at market. Oh wait, that’s not the way your typical startup story begins. But for these two Italian bros, that’s where their humble entrepreneurial lives begin. From trading a pig for their first computer, to building their recently launched, “What to do today,” website WikiDo, these guys definitely had me laughing about their awesome startup story. Check it.
Tell us a little more about what inspired WikiDo?
We are from Dicomano, a very little town near Florence in Tuscany. We come from a family of farmers. Our grandparents had pigs, cows, rabbits, chickens, etc… and passed all the day working in fields producing oil and wine. About 26 years ago during the Christmas festivities “nonno Gigi,” our grandfather, sold a pig to buy the first computer for his nephews. It was a Commodore 64...

29 Dec 12, Welcome to the MoMB: The Museum of Modern Betas

20 Dec 12, It's a 21st Century next generation interactive city entertainment guide

I wonder how many of you know what's going on in terms of entertainment in your city tonight. You'll probably think you have a pretty good idea but it's actually fairly difficult to get a grip on the multitude of events that are happening every night in a major city unless you buy an evening newspaper, the local 'whats on' guide and then check a few local Internet sites. Wikido is a very flexible geolocalization-based entertainment search engine that hunts down all the entertainment in your city from countless websites whether it be a concert, a rodeo or sports event. What's more, the Wiki part means that the information can be added to - making it a somewhat more personal and social experience.
WikiDo is a local event search engine where searchers can find out everything that is happening nearby whether it be a live music concert, an art show, musicals, social events, parades and theater shows or local kids activities and general city nightlife. WikiDo automatically gathers data on hundreds of thousands of events from various websites...

19 Dec 12, Things to Do today in your city!

WikiDo is a local event search engine. Searchers can find nearby concerts, social events, parades, theater shows and more. WikiDo automatically gathers data on hundreds of thousands of events from various websites. Users may manually add and edit listings as well. WikiDo doesn't charge event submission fees. People can use WikiDo to search for local kids activities, musicals, sports events, live music, art shows and nightlife. It offers an easy way to promote events as well. Promoters can submit individual listings or request that WikiDo periodically check their websites. Each WikiDo listing provides a date, time, place and description. Visitors can click on a link to access the promoter's website and learn more. Users may also add comments to any listing. They can supply tips or express their opinions about the venue. The website doesn't contain advertising. This makes it faster and easier to use...

18 Dec 12, Online Local Event Finder

Wikido is a convenient way to locate events going on in any community. The application provides users with a simple search that provides a wealth of information on the most recent celebrations, meetings and festivals. The homepage automatically gathers the user’s location data (if available) and auto populates the search bar. This can be changed if the user plans to explore a different area. After searching, the user is given a list of events in the form of a Pinterest style board. A collection of Wiki tags is found along the left side along with color coded categories so the user can refine the results and see how many gatherings are available with each tag or type...

23 Nov 12, What's up today? WikiDo looks for it for you!

WikiDo is a search engine that explores for you the world wide web, looking for events and any other happening going-on in your own town at a given time. After diving into millions of websites it then redirects you to the original source.
WikiDo has been developed by Niccolò and Giuseppe Becchi, two computer engineers and brothers that came up with this idea almost three year ago.
They designed an algorithm that extracts events information from other websites, formats and lays out it according to a given template, and then produces a list of results in the form of hyperlinks pointing to the original website source. The mechanism is quite similar to that of any other search engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask… ), the environment essential and user friendly...