Why WikiDo?

WikiDo is the Web 2.0 answer to a question that has been asked for years: What's going on tonight? With WikiDo, you'll be able to find all of the events within your city on any particular day. When you ask WikiDo to find events within your city, it searches the Internet and returns the results for every event that it can find. The things to do are helpfully categorized into several categories for you, including nightlife, food and drink, arts and museums, social events and more. WikiDo will even find events that other search engines might miss, such as religious events.
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Why WikiDo Live?

During these unprecedented and challenging times, people across the country have had their lights disrupted because of the coronavirus. The government has advised that people should practice social distancing and stay at home. As you settle into your new routine, now is a good time to consider taking part in a ONLINE event in the comfort and safety of your own home. You still want to keep active, have something to look forward to and keep positive.

Share and Partecipate!

However, WikiDo doesn't stop with a static listing of events. Each event can be edited by any user. If you've experienced one of the events, you can leave a review or share some helpful information. For example, if you've seen a theatrical event, you can share your experiences with other users. If you want to share a favorite chant with your fellow fans for an upcoming sporting event, you can leave a note on that event's entry. You can even add your own new things to do into WikiDo's database.