A Shark Ate My Penis: A History Of Boys Like Me - Laser Webber, trans musician and actor known for his award-winning comedy music, presents a on e-person musical about the trans men and his own...

  • Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles.

We keep it low …….to the floor Think slithering and sliding, so don’t expect climbing or crazy tricks at of the pole. You’ll learn use the middle base to make exotic shapes with your body....

  • Los Angeles, CA. 5872 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019.

Committee - Virtual - To Participate the Teams Meeting - 232 432 910 936 - Passcode - 6uHEd4 - Download Teams - Join the web - Or call in audio ly - + 1 323-886-6453 - 539397162 # - Phone...

  • Los Angeles, CA. First Floor Conference Room - 1104 Maple Ave - United States..

An electrifying, well-crafted and virtuosic performance of tap dance, percussion, tech, humor, and audience interaction! A group of friends turn found items into playable instruments in a show...

  • Los Angeles, CA. DrumatiX - Los Angeles - Presents.
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