For over 120 years, millions bring in the New Year by attending the spectacular parade that sends the sweet smell of roses through the air. Dozens of elaborately designed floats accompany the country's finest marching bands and equestrian organizations that make their way through the streets of Pasadena during the two-hour extravaganza.

P a p e r - W o r k s - A r t e l l i - G a l l y - A n t w p - Antwerp - Belgium - F a s u c t i o n - S o p o c k i - H o u s e - o t - Sopot - Poland - i d - i q u e - A u t u m n - M a j e s c...

  • Pasadena, CA. Toronto - Ontario - Canada - L - Lille - France.

An event every week that begins 7:00 pm - with fellow Pasadena Pacers for your midweek runs - Distance and speed varies but average it’loop around the Rose Bowl - The is same general vicinity as...

  • Pasadena, CA. RBAC Parking Lot - 360 N Arroyo Blvd - Pasadena - CA - 91103..