Sun 7/21
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    • Sun 7/21 * 3:00 pm
  • Event name
    Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside
  • meetup

  • We always encourage you all to pursue opportunities to get professional motorcycle training to help you become a better rider. I've always been a fan of both California Superbike School and Socal Supermoto so this is a great opportunity where both of these organizations are coming together for what should be a fantastic day of learning and fun.

    Cost is $279.99. I just signed up so there are only 12 spots left. If you are interested in joining me, see the following link and book your spot!

    California Superbike School Joins Socal Supermoto for a day! This is just like our most popular/standard socal supermoto school day, except will be joined by our friends at the California Superbike School! Dylan Code (and possibly Keith Code) will coach a topic or two and give student feedback throughout the day. The day includes bike, training, trackfees, photography, tshirt, and swag, all for $279. Book it now, this one will most likely sell out!