DGMG Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show

Jeffco Fairgrounds

25 Feb-2022

DGMG Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show

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Fun for the whole family, with geode cracking, beautiful minerals from around the world, (and meteorites from around the solar system) ancient fossils, fluorescent room with rocks that glow in the dark, gems, opals, custom made stone tables, magnificent hand-crafted custom jewelry and more. Watch skilled lapidary artists cut gems and create beautiful polished stones. Talk with area rockhounds to learn about local field trips and collecting opportunities. Over 20 educational displays from; The Sherman-Dugan Geological Museum, the Phoenix Gold Mine, Dinosaur Ridge, and more. Vote for your favorite display and enter to win prizes. Show Special - $1.00 Grab Bags – kids, jump start your collection with 10 minerals plus a chance to win special prizes. (This could well be the last year for this special deal) Meet the Director of the documentary – Arthur Lakes: Discovering Dinosaurs - and find out how you can get a free copy (while supplies last). In 1877 a small-town preacher, naturalist, and drawing teacher in Colorado named Arthur Lakes made a discovery that would alter the course of science. In rock layers (just minutes from our show) he found the fossilized remains of creatures that had never been seen before. His discovery would propel Lakes on a lifelong journey, taking him from obscurity into the limelight of scientific journals and newspapers around the world. Free parking and free admission, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden Colorado, February 25 – 27, 2022. https://denvergem.org/february-show/


Jeffco Fairgrounds
W 6th Ave Frontage Rd 15200 80401
Golden, CO, United States


25 Feb 2022
27 Feb 2022

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