Sat 4/20
    • Event Dates
    • Sat 4/20 * 3:30 pm
  • Event name
    Desktop Coworking Community in Kennesaw
  • meetup

  • Kennesaw WordPress wants to build and strengthen the WordPress community on the North side. We're trying something new! Got talent? Join us for our premiere Pro-Search.

    Our Pro-Search is a place where you can
    a) network with other WP professional freelancers;
    b) share your skills, availability, and areas of focus and expertise;
    c) all of the above.

    Who is this for?

    Freelancers seeking WordPress projects
    Creatives who contribute to content development
    Web Design / Front End Developer
    Designer & Developer
    WooCommerce Expert
    Remote WordPress Developer

    At the event, bring your contact information and be ready to share with others what it is you are looking for in WordPress projects. You will also be invited back the following Saturday to help out at our Happiness Bar.