• Name of location
    Hilo, HI

The week long event takes place during April and was created in commemoration of King David Kalakaua who believed in perpetuating native island arts, language and traditions. Part of the celebration evolves around the traditional hula dance. During the week, locals and guests alike have the chance to watch dancers perform the beautiful and ages old art of ex<x>pression. Other festivities include a hula competition, arts and crafts displays and offerings of islands foods. The event culminates in a grand parade down main street.

  • Name of location
    Honolulu, HI

In an effort to introduce opera to the masses, the local theater hosts this four-week event that begins each January and features three different operas for the enjoyment of the public. Performers, designers and other members that comprise the company arrive from Asia, Europe and across the U.S. to create the sensational presentations.

  • Name of location
    Hana, HI

Every April, for two days, the community gathers and commemorates the taro crop, considered one of the most important island foods. Guests in attendance have the chance to enjoy a traditional taro pancake breakfast followed by various activities that include art exhibits, farmer's markets, food booths and cuisine demonstrations. Learn the art of Poi making, sit in on a lecture and enjoy the music and dancing provided at multiple Hana locations.

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