From the end of January through March, the community presents a number of events that honor the humpback whales that swim 3,000 miles every year as they migrate to the area for the winter. Here the whales stay, mate and birth their young. Guests have the chance to enjoy free lectures, special whale watching cruises, fun runs and other events that commemorate the massive mammals.
  • Maui, HI

Gifts of the Wild Self - Join us in beautiful Maui! During this cherished weekend of exploration and nurturance soul we will explore the theme. What is this delight-filled universe into which we...

  • Maui, HI. Heritage Hall - 401 Baldwin St. Pa'ia Maui, HI (us).

There are ly 5 programs available - Please choose a program that best suits your schedule - PROGRAM - 1 - START 8AM - SIGN UP >> - PROGRAM - 2 - START 10AM - 3 - START 12PM - 4 - START 2:30PM -...

  • Maui, HI. HAWAII - MAUI - 7 DAYS - LOCATION Maui - Hawaii - STUDIO - M..