Fri 4/26
    • Event Dates
    • Fri 4/26 * 12:00 am
  • Event name
    Camel's Back Park - tennis courts/ east side in Boise
  • meetup

  • Plan on a beginnerish ride as trails are getting nice.
    1. Must have a bike
    2. Must have a helmet
    3. Bring water, good attitude and lungs

    Plan is to head out, up kestrel to crestline and either reverse back down or head down lower hulls depending on the group.

    This is a no drop ride so we stop at all intersections and go at the pace of the slowest Rider (read easy pace with breaks as needed)

    Route has about 6-700 ft elevation of climbing and proper trail etiquette is expected and will be followed. (Or you will incur the Ginger wrath and beatings will be administered..maybe)