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Tue 1/31

Take the next step to becoming a great dancer. complex moves quickly in five lessons. Master the skills of a leader or follower. A partner is recommended Prerequisite: Completion of entire...

  • Peoria, IL.
Thu 2/2

This 4-day intensive weekend is designed to help men break free from strongholds and addictions (pornography and other sexual addictions, drug addictions, alcoholism, hypocrisy & […] - 950.00

  • Peoria, IL. Illinois - Peoria, IL - Peoria, IL.

Rated R - Mild - Characters, voices on e-liners and tested monologues - Brent Terhune - is the - embodiment of all these things. Not many comics can pull off his - and still remain as - absurd and...

  • Peoria, IL.