An annual celebration each spring is the running of the Boston Marathon. For more than one hundred years, runners have flocked to this premiere road race. Runners race a staggering 26 miles through the streets of Boston. In order to be eligible to run, racers must meet a qualifying time at another certified marathon.
Thu 2/2

Jacob Shneiderman Group - The, featuring, Hidemi Akaiwa, and Ransom McCafferty, present a series of compositions by pianist and composer Hiromi Uehara, originals by the group, and some favorite...

  • Boston, MA. Venue - Oliver Colvin Recital Hall - 1140 Boylston Street

With humor, passion, and a touch of Shakespeare, Kalean Ung weaves together her Cambodian family's refugee story with her own as a bi-racial, second-generation American. Inspired by family...

  • Boston, MA. Merrimack Repertory Theatre.
Thu 2/2

Jazz Orchestra ( NJO) is a 20-piece, student-run David Wright and Tai Schiavo. The group focuses on performing original compositions and arrangements by Berklee students and alumni. Admission

  • Boston, MA. Venue - Berk Recital Hall - 1140 Boylston Street - Boston
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