Cities in the County of Renville, MN

Events in the County of Renville, MN

Tue 2/7

Standing around a hole in the middle of a frozen lake again? want to avoid your family for an entire afternoon so badly, that’s what bars are for. Support local businesses. 10. Bob Dylan. Jim...

  • Hector, MN.
Sat 2/4

You may think looking like someone who sells edibles at a Phish show is cool, but Gordie Howe had the same haircut as your dad and your dad’s played for like 50 years. Be like Gordie. 13....

  • Hector, MN.
Thu 2/2

Your grandma made this because she had 11 kids to feed and $3.50 a week to do it with. What’s your excuse? - 15. Zubaz. Preferred leisure wear of the uncle who doesn’t get invited to birthdays...

  • Hector, MN.
Wed 2/8

The cheese is in the wrong place! It only serves to confuse and will give you second-degree burns. Meanwhile, the humble cheeseburger on is honest, delicious, and doesn’t actively try to inflict...

  • Hector, MN.