The gala event held at the convention center ushers in spring and offers spectators the opportunity of experiencing destinations around the world. Displays include vast landscapes and decorations featuring the plants derived from the themed country. The event also features culinary delights in addition to cultural presentations.
Thu 2/2

Workshop - Open to Penn Students, Faculty, and Staff - Join the Education Commons each month with a plushie design.  February's Grab & Go kit will be a Kawaii inspired heart.  Stop by early to...

  • Philadelphia, PA.
Thu 2/9

This course will cover all aspects of the foundry process. Demonstrations on instruction will be given in wax modeling and casting, ceramic shell techniques, bronze pouring, metal chasing, TIG...

  • Philadelphia, PA. Location - Philadelphia.
Thu 2/2

Join your neighbors for fun rejuvenating and healthy fitness runs the paved Trail part of the Circuit Trails Network - Run or ride your bike

  • Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia - PA.
Thu 2/2

ever children’exhibit based on Disney and Pixar’s hit animated feature at Museum! Explore the important role emotions, memory and imagination play in our everyday lives through hands-on and...

  • Philadelphia, PA. 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA.
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