For nine days beginning in the second week in May, the community invites strawberry lovers to this annual event that focuses on the beloved fruit. See the parades, enjoy the carnival and taste the distinct flavor of freshly harvested strawberries. Vendors offer a variety of foods using the delicious strawberry as an ingredient. Crafters and hobbyists provide a number of handmade items, many of which have a strawberry theme. Other scheduled activities include block parties and street dances.

  • Charleston, West Virginia in Charleston, WV

Experience the culture of the mountain folk during this three day event in May. Musicians young and old take to the stage and sing while playing a variety of traditional instruments. They also compete in scheduled competitions. Talented story tellers are on hand to provide entertainment and share a little bit of the history of the region. Vendors will offer guests foods native to the area. Crafters from far and wide come to share their talents and display their products. Visitors have the chance to enjoy great music, fine food and many different activities.

This extravagant nine day event starts during the second week of August and provides all of the fun and thrills that one would expect from a state fair. Considered by many to be a five-star event, the fair always has something for everyone whether born and raised in the country or the big city. Walk through the hundreds of animal exhibits, cheer at the rodeo, ride the carnival rides and see the many live demonstrations and shows. Enjoy the selection of carnival foods and see big name entertainment provided at nightly concerts.